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To be honest, we’re not typically into “sightseeing” itself, but we love to learn new things. We love excitement and coming away with useful or surprising tidbits of information that we can share with friends when we get home.

So, we took a deep dive into our own city: Annecy

After days of digging through the city’s archives, hours chatting with local artisans and business owners and collecting dozens of local gems

We distilled our research down to the true essence of this city. Here we share our love for Annecy, with its strengths and weaknesses, in a visit unlike any other.

The benefits

Be the center of attention at your next family dinner
Satisfy your curiosity
100% made in Annecy
Discover the history behind the beautiful facades of the old town
The hidden Annecy
Some unique anecdotes A look at our beautiful city from a different point of view

Our mission: find unique or even racy stories to make you (re)discover the beautiful Annecy from a local perspective.

Led by one of our “Local Birds” you will walk the streets of old town Annecy and discover its little-known mysteries and anecdotes.

During the visit, you’ll plunge into the history of this town through historical, athletic and cultural stories, legends and the people of the Annecy.

Ready for adventure?

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