A surprising pop up dinner

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Gastronomic activitiesA surprising pop up dinner

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Chef autodidacte, cette self made woman passionnée de cuisine s’est révélée il y a 3 ans en proposant pour la 1ère fois sur Annecy un brunch éphémère dans son salon. Aujourd’hui à la tête et aux fourneaux du restaurant LePoulailler, Marion vous propose une cuisine généreuse, saine et gourmande à base de produits frais et locaux.

Insider Marion Gaignard
Marion Gaignard Chef inspirée
Profil The foodie The foodie
Up to 60 people
On request Booking 1 week before minimum
Surprise location around Annecy

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An out-of-the-box dinner

With just the date and directions to a secret, temporary location, you’ll make your way to our dinner party. Take your seat at the table beside unknown guests gathered together to interact, enjoy wine and succulent cuisine prepared by talented, local, self-taught chef, Marion du Poulailler.

Experience an evening full of surprises:

  • a (very) unusual place
  • a surprise menu
  • mystery guests


All gathered around the table for a semi-gastronomic dinner, equally surprising in its unexpected combinations of flavors that will astonish your tastebuds.

The benefits

The secret to a successful surprise dinner: select an unusual location
Mix in a thoughtful chef
Add a dash of extravagance and whimsy
Creative and gourmet cuisine
Meet mystery guests in a friendly and inviting atmosphere
Expertly prepared, delicious dishes
Ice Breaker The Fun Fact

Before the dinner, you’ll be asked to think of a funny story or an unknown or “fun fact” that describes you. This could be something crazy that happened to you, maybe a little known fact about yourself that others would find surprising, or perhaps an accomplishment, of which you are particularly proud, that you’d like to share with your fellow diners.

Examples :

  • I am a professional wrestler
  • I constructed a giant Eiffel tower made entirely out of matches
  • I dance just like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
  • I can imitate Renaud (?) singing Céline Dion

Experience an unexpectedly delicious diner!

What a lovely evening! We had everything we could ask for: perfect weather, great mystery guests, a feeling of being pampered as we explored Duingt castle and exquisite dishes to feast on. This unexpected dinner not only surprised but amazed me. One single regret: the evening went by too quickly.

Anaïs, June 2017



An out-of-the-ordinary evening in a magical place, surrounded by excellent company…what more could we ask for? This pop-up dinner was a truly exceptional experience! A big thank you to Alexandra, Marion, Hugues and the whole team. We’ll be back!

Mélanie, June 2017


A wonderful Valentines Day evening! Great concept! Thank you Alexandra and the team for this lovely evening.

Sébastien, February 2018

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