Sleep under the stars

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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Up to 30 people
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Annecy Mountains

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Into the wildCamp under the stars

Create an unforgettable experience with your other half or your circle of friends.

The day begins with a beautiful hike to the campsite where your safe haven awaits. Once your tent is set up, kick back and enjoy cocktail hour with authentic local products and take in the beautiful sunset.

Open your eyes, ears and all your senses and reconnect with nature — and maybe with yourself as well!


The benefits

A much-needed digital detox
Become your own version of Mike Horn, a modern day adventurer
Sunset cocktail hour with a local touch
A contemplative moment as you gaze upon beautiful panoramic views
Set up your tent and have fun
Get back to your roots

The perfect activity for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, an anniversary weekend or a proposal?! The goal is to break out of your daily routine, clear your mind, and focus on and share an incredible moment.

You must have seen — or at least heard of — the film Into the Wild, a masterpiece that celebrates the adventurous spirit of travel. Well, we want to shake up your routine and make you feel truly alive, just like the young and spirited protagonist, Christopher…except with us, everything ends well. 🙂

Ready for adventure?

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