Road Trippin’ the Alps

  • Legit thrilling roadtrip

    Legit thrilling roadtrip

  • Combi Van for a day

    Combi Van for a day

  • Freedom on wheels

    Freedom on wheels

Combi van fans, this is what you need!

Miguel is a real Combi VW aficionado, he pours all of his passion into the restoration of these old ladies so you can hit the road and discover new places.

For two or four people, in a couple or between friends, Miguel has it all figured out for your comfort.

  • Legit & thrilling 6-day road trip

If you like sporty vacations and reward yourself with delicious local food and meet their producers. This roadtrip is made for you.

  • A Combi van for the day

Take a drive in nature, guided by Miguel, meet local producers, stop for an impromptu picnic and admire the scenic route.

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