Local brewers

  • Discover beerology

    Discover beerology

  • Water comes from Mont Blanc

    Water comes from Mont Blanc

  • Master Brewer

    Master Brewer

You knew about the wine route, well now discover the local beer route!

In both areas of Savoie we have a long history with beers and some locals have decided to restore this ancient tradition for our great pleasure.

  • Ever heard of beerology?

    Come and learn how to really taste a beer. In the meantime, discover the bottle awarded Best White Beer in the World. Geraldine Chiron, co-owner and creator of Brasserie du Mont Blanc with her husband, Sylvain, will share her family’s entrepreneurial success story.

  • Hit the road on the tracks of local micro-breweries

    Visit Brasserie du Mont Blanc, the four-time world champion at the international World Beer Awards with its blonde and amber beers “La Blanche” and “La Rousse.”

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